Why we only use/recommend cosmeceutical products

Coming for the odd facial now and then will certainly give your skin a boost, but it is not the only thing you need to do to make real changes to your skin.

Did you know that 70% of skin care results come from what you are using in your homecare routine?

If you are not happy with your skin, did you know that with active, cosmeceutical products, you can:

– Slow or even REVERSE the ageing process?

– Effectively treat acne and breakouts?

– Reduce the appearance of uneven skintone and pigmentation?

In combination with clinic treatments, our products change the way your skin functions and can effectively treat ageing, pigmentation and acne.

Most products found in Chemists and supermarkets just don’t have enough active ingredients to result in any real changes in the skin. The same goes for most brands found in department stores. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your expensive face cream is going to reduce your wrinkles because the price tag is over $200. Most of that $200+ goes on advertising and packaging. The bottom line is, these products are sold to the mass market. Therefore, the formulators of these products do not formulate their products with active ingredients, because they do not want skin reactions when they are prescribed incorrectly by beauty consultants who do not have a thorough understanding of the way your skin functions.

I challenge you to look at the ingredients of our cosmeceutical product lines, Aspect and Cosmedix and compare them to the ingredients typically contained in your products at home. The list of ingredients should be listed on the back of your product packaging. The ingredients are listed in order of greatest quantity to smallest. Do a google search on what each ingredient is, and what it does. You’ll soon realise that our products beat the pants off any cosmetic product for ingredients that actually DO something to the skin. Cosmetic products cleanse or moisturise the dead skin layer, BUT, if they DO contain ingredients that actually do something, you’ll usually find them way down on the ingredients list. This means that the quantity of the ingredient in the product is very low, so those products are not going to be doing a hell of a lot for your skin.

Ingredients that you need in your skincare for best results are: Retinol, peptides, alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, beta hydroxy acid – salicylic acid (for acne sufferers), L-ascorbic acid (vitamin c), niacinamide (vitamin b), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), hyaluronic acid … just to name a few of my favourites.

Don’t doubt our products until you’ve tried them. If you want to know more, book in for a complimentary skin consultation with our expert team of therapists. We know our stuff!